Walt back in the day...

I found this picture of Walt from back in the day. The piece he's working on is huge! and gorgeous. I wonder where it is now?



From Gift Recipient to paying it forward...

Wedding Gift message Idea:  
We are so happy for both you! May your marriage be full of friendship, happiness, love and memories!

 Vanessa M., Z12999 from Waxhaw, NC. received her gift June 11th.
 She placed her first order June 12th.
I love when gift recipients pay their gift forward. It's my favorite kind of "new business".
I had taken a picture of the gift she received, shown above, before we shipped it to her.
I thought it turned out pretty well myself.



Michael Rozzi's first Batter Bowl listed on Etsy sold so fast...

We were so excited to see how quickly Mike's 1-Qt batter bowl sold through our Etsy site. We listed it on the 12th and it sold within 24 hours. I should be surprised, it's a great piece to have and use. It is functional and beautiful; two qualities important to me. The ergonomic hand-feel is amazing.

Update: We got some feedback from the customer who bought this batter bowl.
She wrote:  Stunningly Beautiful. Perfect in every way. Love this. Thank you Stacey B.

 We are listing a few more of his batter bowls on the Etsy site. I hope they sell as well as this one.

Customer Testimonial:
Thank you for sending tracking-it had been delivered but we had not been notified by our
building office.  it turned out beautiful as usual!
thank you, Cynthia K.


New Deer Head Logo now available....

 Gift message idea:
Here`s wishing you the best in life, and decades to share it together! Ed & Pam R.

 Just added to our Etsy store. Our Deer Head logo for the deer lover in your life. 
You know who they are!

Marriage Crock with Deer Head Logo


What an honor...

Sweet Handmade Stoneware Honey Pot with Lid

To Order

We got the following Etsy message the other day:

Ali Dufty from alidufty sent you a conversation on June 11, 2013.

You're in my treasury......

Have you heard the buzz !!???
I have included your lovely item.....

Listing: www.etsy.com/listing/104638792/sweet-handmade-stoneware-honey-pot-with

in my new treasury ....


I hope you have time to look and leave a comment . Enjoy :))
Warm wishes, Ali

                                                                                                                                                                  It is a real honor to be included in someone's Etsy  collection. We've gotten a few orders from a few new customers who picked us from an Etsy Bridal registry. Pretty darn cool.

Speaking of our Etsy store, we will be adding the above item to it asap. We will currently only offer the Deer Head logo on our Etsy site.


Time flies when life happens...

Thank you Susan T. from Owls Head, ME!
52 personalized gifts  ordered since June 2001.

I got my very own personalized wedding gift  made personally by Walt Zotter when I got married. 
It is one of my most treasured items. When our last anniversary came around, I took the opportunity to look at our wedding picture and Zotter The Potter crock I got as a wedding gift. I try very hard to take the time every anniversary to do so. Both bring with them a flood of memories, the same happy memories and wonder I hope our customers and gift recipients feel when they look at theirs. So much has happened since the time I got my gift; so much history under the bridge. 

My wedding day was a happy day surrounded by 
many loved friends and family,  some who are no longer with us. I am so glad we were able to share our day with them. Fun Fact: We got married twice in one day in Vegas!  We only celebrated our sixth anniversary this past year. I know because I still count from the date I see on our wedding crock. I can only imagine how I'll feel when I look at our wedding photo and wedding crock on our 10th, 15th....20th anniversary. Heck, I can't wait to see how I'll feel next year.

Crock with Patriot Heart logo


We makes gift giving easy...Personalized Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

Hello Jocelyn,
I have received my order.
There were no issues with the delivery.
The marriage crock is perfect, love it!
I appreciate all the correspondence.
Thank you,
PS.....we have another wedding in Aug and I will be placing another order 
as soon as I receive the invite.
Personalized Marriage Crock
I think we really do make buying wedding gifts easy. You only have to visit our customer testimonial page to see how many of our customers have made our personalized pottery their "signature gift". I know I have. And though the idea is the same, the names and dates keep each gift unique to the special recipients. We love becoming a part of their history.

Visit our store @ www.zotterthepotter.com
or our Etsy site: