Special Tax Day Discount!

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Unloading last week's glaze firing marked the return of the HPFs, the hand painted flowers. The 2010 marriage crock, the first thrown pot of the new year, turned out great. It's been over twenty years since we decorated by brush. All our personalized wedding gifts are stamped one letter at a time and accented with one of our custom logos. Hand painting was one of the techniques used back in the 19th century by the potters in the historic salt glazed Pennsylvania potteries that inspire our work. Along with brush stroke painting, stencils of words, eagles and other designs were used to make their functional wares more enjoyable. If you are interested in ordering this special 2010 hand painted pot, please click the following link. You can place your order through our paypal account:


z: Signs of Spring

While working last night I watched a Dave & Dave, a show on local PBS about PA eateries.

They had a thing on the Sturgis Pretzel Co and showed their showroom and it had one of my old crocks with their name and pretzel logo. The tour guide's name was Jason Rieker and looked just like Mike.

They also did a thing on Texas Hot Dogs in Altoona. Have you ever been there?--Walt


Happy Spring!

This picture was sent to us by a neighbor. Henry is just one of the reasons why we love our neighborhood in the South Side of Pittsburgh.


March Madness: Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh

Our stoneware Stein and Mug are functional and beautiful. Good for both hot and cold liquids, dishwasher and microwave safe, you can enjoy using them every day.

Like most of the country, Pittsburgh is going through some unseasonably warm weather. It feels like we went from the dead of winter to mid-summer..Zotter The Potter got a touch of spring fever and decided to kick up our heels a little at Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh which we are lucky enough to have in our South Side Pittsburgh neighborhood. One of only three in the world, Hofbrauhaus continues an almost 500 year old  festive German beer hall tradition. Both Walter and I have been lucky enough to have gone to the original Hofbrauhaus in Munich. Being primarily of German and English descent, Walter looks like he fits right in, especially with his beard and Oktoberfest shirt. The restaurant's handcrafted beers, German menu and entertainment  make this place a great celebration destination. We invite you to find out for yourself.