The Blue Hen logo

The Blue Hen logo is the one that I personally collect for myself. Walt has put them on a collection of dinner plates for me. I like how the customer used this logo for this welcome piece.--jo


Our City is All Snowed Up!

Pittsburgh is just one of the eastern cities that got a ton of snow this past weekend. Because we live and work in the same neighborhood, the historic South Side of Pittsburgh, the snow did not affect our work  so much. We are able to keep up with our work and still  enjoy (for the most part) the beauty of a surprising winter blast. Here are some pictures from around our town.
We're able to keep working on those upcoming March weddings, even with all this snow.
This is the view from the Birmingham Bridge! Not too many people were willing to brave the unplowed roads.
This is a picture of a coal barge, a familiar sight in the Pittsburgh rivers, but you can't see the coal for all the snow. It looks like a snow barge.
The snow ladened trees sure look pretty, until you see how low the branches are hanging above the cars underneath.
From the Fort Pitt Bridge into town, a major artery into the city, snow-bound and practically deserted.
If you don't have anywhere urgent to go, and your pantry is well-stocked, snow-bound Pittsburgh is a lovely place to be.We wanted to share this picture of an order using our log cabin. We hope you feel as cozy as this logo looks.


So Excited!

We are unloading a glaze today and I am so excited. I cannot wait to see what comes out. I am expecting an interesting collection of ideas put together by our customers and some new ideas from Walt. We can't wait to share them with you. This is a picture of an anniversary crock (AV) using the log cabin logo. Keep an eye out for more ideas!--Jo


Phil Day

Happy Groundhog Day,
Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow which means six more weeks of Winter. I disagree. I'm calling for an early Spring. I saw a very frisky squirrel dancing on a telepone pole clucking loud and clear for all the squirrely girls to hear and see. I call him Mr. Squirrel. He's been hanging around my buildings for years. And, before this last cold snap, Wilma and Stella were sniffing the ground as if Spring is only a few weeks away. Before I had my Jacks, I raised bird dogs. Working dogs like Jack Russell Terriors and my Hungarian Viszla Jacob, the greatest dog that ever lived, can smell Spring's onset even through frozen snow. I'm planting early.

I am glaze firing today, I'm looking forward to unloading it tomorrow. I squeezed some new pieces in with our first orders of 2010. They are hand painted with a floral design that I haven't used for over twenty years, more on the new stuff after I see how they look finished. It has been so long since I've made these designs, I'm not sure if any adjustments need to be made. I'll know tomorrow morning.
Walt Zotter
Zotter The Potter