Our first load of the year...2012

January is the time we tighten up the kiln for the upcoming year.
The changes we made allow us to fit even more pieces into each kiln load.
We took apart and redid the shelves and  fire bricks.

 This is a stamped baby gift for Skylar with our shamrock logo.
 An anniversary wedding crock for Penny & Fred with our Snowman logo.
 They were the first pots put into our first kiln load of the year.
 We start filling the load as the pieces dry. They don't go in until they are dry or they'll explode in the bisque fire. These pieces are still drying. You can tell by the darker variations of clay on the pot.
 These pieces are dry and waiting to be loaded into the kiln.
 Like this....We load the kiln until it's full then we do our bisque fire.

Here's to a Happy, healthy and Prosperous New Year!