Harvest Time: Pittsburgh South Side Farmers Market

Here is an example of our Harvest Pumpkin logo. Here we show it with a town name.
 It reminds me of one of my favorite times of year, the fall harvest season. In the South Side of Pittsburgh, from mid-May to Thanksgiving week, we are lucky to have a weekly Farmers Market on Tuesdays. From May to November, it's interesting to see the evolution of produce that appear every week with May being pretty sparse with booths and selection, to the beautiful August tomatoes and summer fruit, to the abundant root vegetables, apples and cider that prevail in October.

 Fresh baked artisanal bread.
Along the way, it's funny how it becomes a place to meet and run into friends as you pick your vegetables for the week.

3:30 – 7:30 p.m. South Side
20th and Sidney Streets


Customer Submission:

One of our favorite customers took the time to email us some pictures of his "Zotter" collection. We enjoyed looking at them and wanted to share them with you. They really took the time to put together a varied collection of shapes and logos. Thank you Mr. Dodd for sending these pictures to us. They made our day.


South Side Neighborhood Spotlight: T & T Hardware

We have a neighborhood hardware store that is so classic.
We've been coming here for years.
It has such warm wood and character throughout...
and characters. This is Rege. He'll hold things to the side for us if I call ahead.. I love their paper weight for their paper bags on the counter. Those bags aren't going anywhere.
T & T Hardware Co.
Location: 2114 East Carson Street
Street Location: 21st
Pittsburgh PA, 15203

Here is a list of other places in our neighborhood:


Here Comes a Ton of Clay...

We order our clay a ton at a time, that's 2000 lbs! We used to pick it up ourselves, but figured out that they've got better tools to move it than we do. We used to load and unload each box by hand.
Can you believe it?


Fall is beautiful in Pittsburgh

Our pottery is looking so very good right now. I am really enjoying the ideas that our customers are putting on our pots because there is a nice mix of logos being ordered.

 They look even better in the light of Pittsburgh's fall season.
 Very warm and cozy, even with the cold snap we got early this year. We've been kept very busy; and so have the dogs....

 kind of....
 sort of.
 This time of year, every chance we get, it's nice to be outside. There are a lot of natural parks very close to Pittsburgh you can enjoy. Raccoon State Park is within an hour's drive of Pittsburgh. It offers some beautiful and interesting trails on which to hike and go backpacking, especially for beginners.
The park offers shelters for backpackers to use that are clean and comfortable (relatively).
And it is dog friendly, which for us is important.

 We found an odd mailbox in the middle of nowhere in which we found random notes from passing hikers.

 It's a wonderful part of Pittsburgh.


PittsburghFood & Fun this weekend

I look forward to the Oakland and North Side Greek Food Festivals every year.They taste of home-cooked Greek Party Food.
More Ways to Celebrate Fall – Radio Round Up – October 1, 2010

If you can spell, you're never too young to write. The proof: The Young Playwrights Festival, debuting this weekend at City Theatre. Three of these fledgling dramatists are teenagers, and three are in middle school, but you will be amazed at their imagination and ear for dialogue. I first saw the YPF a few years ago, and I could scarcely believe how gifted its authors were. City Theatre matches playwrights with professional actors, who help shape the scripts into sharp one-acts. This installment features works by Surabhi Beriwal, Iain McCormick, Alexis Payne, Emily Smith, Tory Pasternak, and Patrick Gilboy. You can expect everything from cerebral drama to laugh-out-loud comedy. But catch it quick: The Festival plays to the general public on this weekend only. I know; it's hard to keep up with the kids these days.

(City Theatre, 1300 Bingham St., South Side. Sat. & Sun., 1 & 6 p.m. $7-10. Info: citytheatrecompany.org, 412/431-CITY)
-Robert Isenberg, PM Theater Editor