It's hard to believe the tools you have to combat a kiln load of freshly bisqued pots include a tiny bowl of cobalt and an eye-dropper.
 Each letter, logo, and number gets filled with an eye-dropper.
It's a precise (and daunting) process, especially when in a hurry.
 It helps to have your own personal cheerleader sitting behind you cheering you on.


Studio Life

It's still sad to see our little stellar without her mom.
It's hard to get used to.
I can only imagine what she thinks about it.
 He looks so handsome in this picture, doesn't he?
 Those eggflats don't cut themselves. It's a messy dusty job.
 An experiment by Mr. X

 As are these....he's always up to something.


Making Our Glaze...

is a lot like baking.
Our glaze recipe includes seven ingredients in exact measurements.
It is mixed together dry, then mixed with water to the right consistency.

(Measuring dry ingredients)
 (Dry mixture)
( Adding water)
 (And mixing)
(And mixing. This is my favorite tool, which is used in  glaze making like a food mill)


I love the feel of greenware

Greenware is pretty fragile. One wrong bang, and it can crack like an egg.
It's texture is amazing though. It's soft like brushed suede.