Our Marriage Crock survived Hurrican Sandy....

I had a conversation the other day with a customer who was calling to order a marriage crock for a friend.
She told me she had gotten her wedding crock sixteen years ago! Sixteen years when she got married, and now she has five kids. She didn't know five kids were in her future when she got her very own marriage crock. They lost their home but was able to salvage their marriage crock.


Our pottery is travelling the world....

A dear customer sent us a picture of her personalized baby cup display she ordered for each grand-child.
She is blessed with family.


We heard from a customer in Ireland who received her order:

 I have received the marriage crock today and am delighted with it.
Thank you so muchGrace S.
I'm always so relieved when our pieces travel to other countries and arrive in one piece.


A beautiful June night in Pittsburgh...

After such a long winter, it seemed like warm summer nights would never come. The other night proved me wrong as we strolled along the river to the Three Rivers Arts Festival for some art jewelry and funnel cake.

We got the following email from a customer today:

I wanted to say thanks for such a beautiful product.
Initially, I was quite upset that I ordered this as an anniv gift for my husband over a month in advance and didn't show up until a month past that. However, the pot is beautiful and we absolutely adore it. It is used daily in our kitchen and has even been used for fresh flowers!

Thank you!

Here was my response:

Thank you so much for taking the time to let us know.
Sometimes, the process of making our personalized pots takes a painstakingly long time. I apologize for that.

I hope you enjoy your piece for many, many years,



One of our customers emailed a picture of a lamp she made with our personalized wedding gift.
This is her signature gift to her friends and family. We're proud to be a part of it.


Great gift message from 6.4.14:
Jessica & Jared, God Bless you on your marriage! May you have joy and a lifetime of blessings as you begin your lifelong journey together as one. Much Love, Cy & DeeDee