Our Best Deal of 25% off for Zotter The Potter Fans...

It's the Most Wonderful
Time of the Year!
Our Best Deal of 25% off for 
Zotter The Potter Fans Elvis 
It is the most wonderful time of the year... for us at
Zotter The Potter to offer  our most heartfelt thanks and
most rare discount offer!
25% OFF for the next 25 days.
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**Sorry, offer cannot be used on previously placed orders.**
"Just wanted to say that I love your pieces and have enjoyed sending orders to my friends and about to order another. Have never received a piece of my own though. Think I should change that soon. Anyway, Thanks for your beautiful work."Janie L


Special Request from and Old Customer...

We got a special email from a customer the other day. Ten years ago, he and his wife had received one of our pieces. Here is a part of the email he sent us:

I would like an anniversary crock. Simply put, I would like 10 years somewhere on the crock with the date July 10 2009 and our names Tim & Sherry. It would match the crock we got 10 years ago for our wedding. Is this possible? Thanks. Tim H.

Speaking of  back in the day...I wonder if this is the crew who made his original?

 Busy at the studio...



Customer notes...

 Why does the Bride stand on the Groom's Left? The early Anglo Saxon groom
had to defend his bride from would-be kidnappers, she stood to his left, leaving his
sword-arm free. The "best" warrior in the tribe stood by the groom and was
responsible for helping defend the bride, thus the placement for the modern day
best man.

 Did you know? The majority of engagements will happen between now and Valentine's Day.

We received the crock in perfect shape and it's already been wrapped and ready for gifting! It's just beautiful, thanks so very much! I'm sure Kate and Craig will treasure it! Linda C. from Lumberton, NJ #personalizedpotterygifts