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 Great gift message!

"Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife!
I am so honored and lucky to have spent the last 8 years as your husband. I love the memories and times we have shared over that time and continue to look forward to our future together. I love you Lauren!
Love, Michael"

My name is TJ M, and I live Jacksonville Florida.  I attended Penn State in graduate school and was introduced to Zotter the Potter by a friend in the form of a wedding gift.  The Marriage Crock is now our go to wedding gift for all of our family and friends.

Warmest Regards,

Hillary L sent you a conversation on February 18, 2014.

Personalized Stoneware Marriage Crock, listing #108259381

Listing: www.etsy.com/listing/108259381/personalized-stoneware-marriage-crock

I was wondering about how long from order date I would receive this? I absolutely love these!! My friend's wedding is in May.

 Hello. Thank you for your interest. We usually average one kiln load a month. We have March and April if you want to place your order now. I would recommend the sooner the better. We are also offering an Etsy 15% discount visible on your storefront.

Thanks again!



February In Pittsburgh...

Valentine's Day is coming up fast.

Here's what I'm thinking:

I love this place! We have Hofbrauhaus in the South Side, and
Penn Brewery in the North Side (http://www.pennbrew.com/) so I don't as often go to Penn Brewery over Hofbrauhaus, but the Penn Brewery groupon is a great deal.

Penn Brewery Groupon Deal.

This is our version of the classic beer stein:

Here's another version of  a Beer Stein 

I saw these cute tees on a CafePress.com email:

They are a little corny, but sweet.



Customer Note:

I LOVE your stuff...I really like giving your work of art as wedding gifts...so much more personal and memorable  than a ‘cutting board.’  Ha ha....
Thanks for your quick response...
Have fun making it...

We just sent out an email promotion a few days ago. What I love is when we hear from customers  who haven't ordered from us in a while. It's like saying "hello" to an old friend. Today, we got an order from someone who hadn't ordered since 2007. I'm glad they remember us for gifts after all these years.


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