April Showers....rainy rainy days

It's hard to get enthused about going out in it, just looking out the window.
Snow would almost be preferable, if the rain wasn't such a huge sign of Spring.
How can kids find so much fun with such a little puddle? in the rain?

Not like these kids...
A lazy, rainy day in the studio for them.
They just couldn't be bothered.

On a sunnier note, our first "Wolfgang" pot. How awesome is that?


April 16th: Opening Day of Trout Season!

Tomorrow is opening day of trout season.
How do we know?
Gear gets pulled and aired out daysssss in advance.
It's one of the first signs of spring for us here.
The pottery studio carts and shelves seem to be as good a place as any to prep the fishing gear. I'm sure it's appreciated at home.

 We're also fishing for new ideas at the studio. Some of them are looking really good.

 And, wedding season is kicking into gear. That's also another sign of spring.
The loads are filling up fast.
Other signs of spring in Pittsburgh...

Happy Spring!


Glaze Day

Glaze Day is a big deal. It's one of the last steps of a long series of steps that could go wrong.
 The pots have been bisqued, decorated, scoured and lined.
 Here they are, awaiting the dunking into our special glaze mix that gives them their finished coating.
 Each piece is individually dunked into a bucket of glaze.
 Like this...

 It's a messy job with the splatter.
 But, each piece gets dunked, large and small.
With a pair of glaze tongs.

 The dogs have it easy.