We live in Steeler Country!

It's a Steeler Home Game Weekend in the city...
Steelers play the Washington Redskins this Sunday.
It is serious business.
This is the official Steeler mascot, Steely McBeam.
(He kind of looks like that handsome guy from Mad Men, don't you think?)


This is the outside of the Steeler Locker Room.
 Unfortunately, it was empty of Steelers the night we were able to tour it.

It's pretty huge. The story is, no one walks over the Steeler symbol on the floor, no one.
It's a big room, so there's plenty of room to avoid stepping on it.

This guy walked all around it.
This locker was set up with Big Ben's helmut and jersey.
We were able to sit and pose and pretend we were Big Ben getting ready for a big game, kind of.



This is the view the Steelers see when they bust out of their locker room to play a game. It was pretty awesome.
Even in the dark...
Above is a replica of the Vince Lombardi trophy.
The walls are decorated with the Steelers' storied history.

The executive Steeler offices with amazing memorabilia.
The Steelers make our city proud.

Kitchen Love....

Don’t you love when you see your zotterthepotter gift being used?


Glaze Fire Day

Stamping pots, throwing pots...on a glaze fire day.
Mike filling in the glaze fire log, noting time and temperature.
Checking the cones inside the kiln for reduction check at 1800 degrees. You can't see it very well, but the flame is shooting out pretty far.
He likes to throw standing, which I guess is getting more and more popular...

Two different view of our cookie jar.


Glaze Day

It's time again for another glaze fire.
Each pot has to be dipped in our glaze mix first.

Let's take a moment to notice Mike's mustache.
He's been working on it for months.

 After each pot is hand-dipped in glaze, the glaze has to be carefully wiped off each bottom.
Any glaze left on the bottom of a pot can meld it into the kiln shelf when firing.
 It's hard to get Jenna to pose for a picture, but I got an action shot.