Marriage Crock with Distelfink logo

Although our most popular piece is the marriage crock with the two names and wedding date on it, you can personalize our pieces any way space permits.

 I really liked this format for Milliron Farm using the Distelfink logo because we got the inspiration for the distilfink logo from a hex sign on the side of a barn.
It is a Pennsylvania symbol for good luck and fortune.


A winter reminder...

Even though we've had unseasonably spring like weather, we got a little reminder yesterday that it's still officially winter with a blast of snow before we return to 60 degree weather tomorrow.

 We got a request from a customer for a dove logo. We had one we used on our marriage crocks from years ago that we were able to dig up and offer to her. We call it the Sturbridge dove logo. It is available upon special request if you want to use it.