Just Ducky...

We added our Duck logo to our selection. It's just ducky.


Someone had emailed asking if we had a duck logo. We had one in the archives we hadn't shown or used in years. It took a little digging, but we found it.

 We stamped a sample into a piece of clay and emailed it for an "OK".

 They loved it and we stamped it into their order. I wish we knew why they wanted the duck logo for this particular recipient. We can only guess.

It turned out very nice. We were happy to take a picture and thought that maybe others would like it too.


Customer note:" It was a huge hit!!! Thanks again."

"I LOVE it. Thank you so much. My husband will be so thrilled. We have never had anything like that and I know he is going to love it."

"It was a huge hit!!! Thanks again."


 So nice to be a part of special celebrations.


Personalized crock for a new home (not first home) gift....



Hello-I would like to order a personalized crock for a new home (not first home) gift. The name is Labrenz & I don't have a specific date yet so I would just like to have the year, 2017. Do you have a suggestion on wording/style before I place an order? Thank you!


We have made several. You can put:


The Labrenz`

or the Street Address on the top arch with
their name or year on the bottom.