Cousin Lulu Princess..

 came by for a visit, and stayed for a photo shoot.

 Birthday Vase with daffodils logo
 Stein with monogram initial
 Baby cup


Studio in March

It got warm enough this month to open a door and let some spring breeze through.
 The dogs got to stretch and enjoy some sun, which is rare this time of year.

The pots under natural light.

 Grinding the bottoms of each piece is important. We grind each one by hand.


from Sharkey

We've been lucky enough to have met a lot of friends doing what we do at the pottery studio. One of our favorite customers/friends hails from the beautiful state of Montana. How do we know Montana is beautiful, never having been there ourselves? Sharkey has been kind enough over the years to share his life through pictures with us. We wanted to share them with you.

Hi there,

 Just a short note. Mostly for you who don't live up north anymore.
 Yesterday was March 1st. Spring is coming so I got out first thing in the morning and took a couple of pictures so you all could see just how nice early Spring is up here in the Montana.


This is the piece Sharkey & Walt put together years ago commemorating Sharkey and Jan's move to Montana. They became friends during the process and email pals since.


Dog People

Here at Zotter The Potter, we've often referred to ourselves as "dog people", as in "people who love dogs".
But, as the following pictures show, there really are "dog people" out there, as in
 "dogs who think they are people".
Thanks to Mirian, our Fedex Ground driver "dog friend" who always brings treats to the
Zotter dogs at the shop when she comes over. These are her dogs in the pictures.

Thanks Mirian!

We love the cookie jar for dogs AND people.

Here are more personalized gift ideas for your special people out there:
The mulberry tree logo is one of our favorites.
This is the blue hen logo.
You can't go wrong with the grapes on the wine cooler shape.