Linn Run State Park and Crock (CR) with oak tree logo....

 An excellent October trail to take at Linn Run State Park is the Grove Run Trail.
It was pretty with the fall leaves and a pretty challenging trail.

                                                                                A fun find along the trail was a tin box propped against a post.                                                          
Inside the tin box was a composition book and a pen protected by a  plastic bag in which people were encouraged to journal.

So, we logged in our two cents...

and continued on our way. 

We found a pipe connected to a natural spring with which we could refill our water bottles.
 Cool, clean and delicious spring water was much appreciated at that point.



Flying Pig logo...

The inspiration behind our new flying pig logo:
Just touching base with you regarding my anniversary gift for my husband...when I placed the order for the vase, I had inquired about the possibility of putting a "flying pig" stamp on the vase.  I had noted that if you did not have a "flying pig" stamp for the vase, that a heart would be appropriate.  The date of our wedding anniversary is August 13, 2005 and our names are Kim and Tim.  I'm not sure if the vase has been created already, but if so, could you let me know what you decided to put on it?  Also, I was hoping it would be shipped on time for our anniversary....any chance I will have it by then?
Looking forward to hearing back from you.
Thanks, Kim H

This is a picture of our regular pig logo: