Misc. Notes from the shop...

  We got the following note from a customer, and really was touched that they took the time to leave it for us:
"THIS is the fifth Wedding crock I am ordering....just love them. Mine sits proudly on my counter reminding me of my 54 years of happy marriage. Thank you."
Thank you Liz W. from Troy, MI!
31 #PersonalizedGifts  ordered since Nov. 2000. #personalizedpotterygifts

We love these gift messages from our customers to their gift recipients. So nicely expressed:

"Congratulations you two! Sorry this took so long to get to you. We were given one of these for our wedding and I love it. I use mine next to our stove to keep large spoons and kitchen utensils in :) I hope you are having a wonderful first year of marriage. We miss you in SA! Take care!!"
-Breanna and Matthew P.

"Sending you love and best wishes on your marriage. Also, an easy reference so you never forget your wedding date!"
Love, Kevin and Judy

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